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Fully Automatic Carpet Cleaning

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We clean carpets from all the worldwide.
Appropriate solutions for every single culture, every single carpet type !
From 2m to 5+m Rug Washing Machines.
Button Command or Touch Screen Panels
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Have well-established and experienced staff who specialize in the R & D within the particular emphasis on the work of carpet cleaning….

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These certifications further proves Donertas Machinery commitment to superior product quality and customer service.

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The Donertas Group offers such services as financing and insurance, various forms of service agreements, accessories and spare parts on location
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Less cost


Less manpower


Fast Cleaning


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Less Manpower

Rug washing companies who use conventional method is need at least 10 staff. But companies who use our carpet cleaning machines need only 2 staff.

Less Cost

Rug washing companies with traditional methods spend much money from their endorsement. This is approximately 80% . But this is for Donertas Customers only around 5% or %8

Faster Washing

Conventional methods = 2 Carpets Clean /  1 hour
Dönertaş Carpet Cleaning Machines = 20 Carpets Clean / 1 hour

Beware of counterfeits

Donertas Company machines are the result of high technology R & D activities. High Technology Donertas machines is inimitability . Please beware of counterfeits

Our Guarantee

DONERTAS® branded product covered by this warranty fails due to a manufacturing defect we will repair the product, without charge, or replace it, at our discretion.

Technical Service

Our service department is staffed with knowledgeable and friendly professionals willing to help schedule a service call that conveniently fits your schedule.

Our Product

Discover the professional rug washing equipment available in the DONERTAS® production line.

What our Clients;Friends say?

Automatic Rug Cleaning Machine

Rug Softening Pool

Rug capacity: 5-7 rugs. Manufactured with electrostatic epoxy painted steel. Soft water with waves washing.

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Pipe Type Carpet Spin Drainer

Rug Cetrifuge Spinning Machine

Here is a standard full in and out stainless steel centrifuge for those of you who want the best quality as standard.


Pool Type

Rug Softening Pool

Rug capacity: 5-7 rugs. Manufactured with electrostatic epoxy painted steel. Soft water with waves washing.

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Rug Dust Remover Machine

Elektrostatic epoxy painted steel construction. Inverter (speed control) system. Conveyor band system with locked rubber mechanism.

Rug Drying & Hanging System

Optional width, depth, height, production capability. Lift system for carpet loading – unloading. Pneumatic pipe unloading system

Rug Sweeping and Finishing Machine

Manufactured with electrostatic epoxy painted steel construction. Programmable Logic Controller. Anti-vibration block unit.

Combinate System

Rug Washing & Centrifuge Machine, Rug Sweeping + Dust Remover Machine


We, as Dönertaş Machinery; give support to projects like, “Create Your Own Brand” Projects with our standard and serial productions, and we support you with Dönertaş Trademark guarantee.

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