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DONERTAS ® is specialized in fully automated type of textile and rug washing, extracting and drying machines.

The company makes export to more than 35 countries on 5 continents starting with America up to Australia.

With its experienced sales team, after-sales service, expert R&D staff employing Auto Cad, Mechanical Desktop and Pro-Engineering technologies, the company main aim is to bring innovations to the sector with its vision, well trained staff and to create a difference by offering ideal solutions to the sector.

Every passing day DONERTAS ® enlarges its family with valuable customers and continue of being a leader in the sector.

Our Products
Washing and squeezing unit together in the same machine. Automatic pressured detergent pump system. Sensible washing settings (according to carpet thickness). Brushing unit (3 washing scrubs). Water removing system with compressed rolls. Squeeze speed:1200 r.p.m. (optional with timer). Inner drum; 18/8 CrNi stainless steel
Washing and squeezing unit together in the same machine
Manufactured with electrostatic epoxy painted steel construction
Grip conveyor band system durable to all kinds of chemical and detergent
Manuel electricity commanding panel

Commanding with inveter (speed control) system

Automatic pressured detergent pump system

Sensible washing settings (according to carpet thickness)
Industrial hole system gives perfect  performance Energy, water, man power saving
Eco friendly machines with CE and Patent Certificates
Brushing unit (3 washing scrubs)

Water removing system with compressed rolls

Manuel back rolling system

Integrated to pipe type carpet centrifugal machine

Squeeze speed:1200 r.p.m. (optional with timer)

Manuel cover system with safety switch

Inner drum; 18/8 CrNi satinless steel

Standard and serial production

Spare parts (Common and with stock)


Washing and squeezing unit together in the same machine; Comby Carpet Washing and Drying Machine (2in1)

Giant Export

Export to 5 continents and 55 different countries.. 

Overseas Offices

USA, Italy, Russia…

10 years Gold Supplier